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Arbor Day Student Photo Contest

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2023 Winners of the Arbor Day Photo Contest

To celebrate Arbor Day, the Idaho Forest Products Commission sponsors a Photo Contest each year. The competition is open to all Idaho youth in 5th-12th grades. For the 2023 contest, young photographers addressed the theme, Healthy Tree, Healthy Me. In addition to their photo, contestants provided a statement sharing their vision of the photo’s portrayal of the theme.

Winners: All | Grades 5-6 | Grades 7-8 | Grades 9-10 | Grades 11-12






Cypress River Rush | Sage International School of Boise | Boise, ID

Photo caption:

Let the Light In

Honorable Mention

Photographer's Statement:

This picture was an accident. I put my phone under a tree for an “under shot” and the sunlight was at just the right angle. This goes to show that sometimes we are too careful with what we do. Sometimes we need to loosen up and let the light in.