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Arbor Day Student Photo Contest

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You gave us your best shot!

To celebrate Arbor Day, each year the Idaho Forest Products Commission sponsors the Look to the Forest Photo Contest. Idaho 5th-12th grade students from throughout the state submitted their photos, captions and photographers’ statements. First place winners and honorable mentions were named in four grade level divisions: 5-6th, 7-8th, 9-10th and 11-12th.

Here are this year’s winners!

All Winners | Winners 5-6 | Winners 7-8 | Winners 9-10 | Winners 11-12





Photo caption:

Through the trees

Photographer's Statement:

In the forest when people see trees, they think of wood and branches. What they don’t see is it’s beauty and all of the little things that makes a tree a tree. All of the colors, in the different seasons, the texture in the leaves, and the warm feelings they bring. Trees are a huge part of the forest and to humans. We should never forget that.