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Arbor Day Student Photo Contest

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2022 Winners of the Arbor Day Photo Contest

To celebrate Arbor Day, the Idaho Forest Products Commission sponsors a Photo Contest each year. The competition is open to all Idaho youth in 5th-12th grades. For the 2022 contest, young photographers addressed the theme, Healthy Tree, Healthy Me. In addition to their photo, contestants provided a statement sharing their vision of the photo’s portrayal of the theme.

Winners: All | Grades 5-6 | Grades 7-8 | Grades 9-10 | Grades 11-12

Arbor Day 2022 Student Photo Contest Guidelines

This year’s theme is Healthy Tree, Healthy Me.

Entry deadline: April 11, 2022.

Did you know that exposure to trees and forests, as well as wood in your home or school, can help your mind, body and soul? They help boost your immune system, lower blood pressure, reduce stress, improve your mood, help you focus, help you get well faster when you’re sick, improve sleep and increase your energy level. That’s not all! Healthy trees and forests provide clean air and water; beautiful places to play and relax; homes for birds, fish and other wildlife; shade and shelter from wind, resulting in energy savings; carbon capture and storage; products for people; and jobs and revenues for local communities. Don’t forget their superpower! With proper care, trees are renewable. When trees are harvested, new ones grow or can be planted. 

Give Us Your Best Shot!

To enter the contest you’ll need three important things:

  1. Wonderful photo(s) (up to two), 
  2. Caption for each photo (just a few words or a sentence)
  3. A brief photographer’s statement  that describes what  Healthy Tree, Healthy Me means to you and how your photo relates to the theme.

To get started, think about these questions:

How are you connected to trees?

How do trees help make you healthier?

How can you help trees?

Entries will be judged on composition, technique and the use of light, overall impact and originality, and expression of the theme, Healthy Tree, Healthy Me. 

Categories and Judging


5th-6th grades

7th-8th grades

9th-10th grades

11th-12th grades

A panel of judges will select a First Place winner for each division. Honorable Mentions may be awarded. Entries will be judged on composition, technique and the use of light, overall impact and originality, as well as expression of the theme Healthy Tree, Healthy Me. The caption and photographer’s statement will be considered in the judging. All decisions of the judges are final.


First Place winners are awarded $50 each0. Photos are shared on social media and on an Idaho Forest Products Commission web page and at Arbor Day events.  

Entrant Agreement and Use of Images

By submitting an entry, entrants agree that this is an original image taken by the entrant and consent to unlimited use of the image by the Idaho Forest Products Commission (IFPC). Entrants grant IFPC the right to publish their name, school, and city in print or other media in connection with the photo contest. Photographs are shared on social media, on the IFPC website and at Arbor Day Celebrations.

Submission Requirements

  • The contest theme is Healthy Tree, Healthy Me.
  • Photo must have been taken by the student.
  • Photo must have been taken in Idaho.
  • Entry must include a Caption.
  • Entry must include a Photographer’s Statement (up to 50 words) sharing your interpretation of how your photo relates to the contest theme, Healthy Tree, Healthy Me.
  • Submissions may be made by the teacher, the student or the student’s parent. Every entry must be associated with a teacher/school. If homeschooled, indicate that in the entry form’s “School” field.
  • Resolution: At least 300 dpi. Maximum file size: 6 megabytes.
  • Save the photo with your first and last name as the title (i.e. janedoe1.jpg).
  • Submit photo in JPEG format
  • Complete the entry form, including the caption and photographer’s statement, and upload your photo(s). Up to two (2) entries per person.

Entry deadline is APRIL 11, 2022.

Submit your entry here