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Arbor Day Student Photo Contest

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2022 Winners of the Arbor Day Photo Contest

To celebrate Arbor Day, the Idaho Forest Products Commission sponsors a Photo Contest each year. The competition is open to all Idaho youth in 5th-12th grades. For the 2022 contest, young photographers addressed the theme, Healthy Tree, Healthy Me. In addition to their photo, contestants provided a statement sharing their vision of the photo’s portrayal of the theme.

Winners: All | Grades 5-6 | Grades 7-8 | Grades 9-10 | Grades 11-12





Photo caption:

Skiers Paradise

Photographer's Statement:

In the midst of the cold and dark winter, the trees in the sub-alpine become covered in snow. The dense powder dampens sound and creates a peaceful, surreal environment. My friend and I ventured through these small trees, carefully making our turns on our skis in absolute joy and gratitude.