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Arbor Day Student Photo Contest

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2024 Arbor Day Photo Contest

To celebrate Arbor Day, the Idaho Forest Products Commission sponsors a Photo Contest each year. The competition is open to all Idaho youth in 5th-12th grades. For the 2024 contest, young photographers addressed the theme, Healthy Tree, Healthy Me. In addition to their photo, contestants provided a statement sharing their vision of the photo’s portrayal of the theme.

Deadline: April 8th, 2024





Photo caption:

Trees plus Water equals Life.

Photographer's Statement:

The words Health Tree, Healthy Me gives my the idea of a full, green tree with water and life surrounding it. As you may know a tree can give many benefits like our oxygen, and maybe a place to calm our minds after a hard day. An area with lots of trees and space for me is the best place to help ease my mind, body, and soul. With the fresh oxygen that flows from the trees, we are breathing in fresh air instead of polluted air from things like car motors, and smoke. Smoke an car motors are not something you want to breathe in. Being around trees can help improve your breathing health overall because of the fresh air you take in while being around them. Even though I’m just a 14 year old girl, I can still help help trees in many ways. Especially when they give us so many benefits. Things like using paper wisely, use tree-free products, and maybe something like planting an actual tree are things that I can do. Like many people have said before,” The little things can make a big difference.”