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Arbor Day Student Photo Contest

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2024 Arbor Day Photo Contest

To celebrate Arbor Day, the Idaho Forest Products Commission sponsors a Photo Contest each year. The competition is open to all Idaho youth in 5th-12th grades. For the 2024 contest, young photographers addressed the theme, Healthy Tree, Healthy Me. In addition to their photo, contestants provided a statement sharing their vision of the photo’s portrayal of the theme.

Deadline: April 8th, 2024






Vienne Watts | Middleton Middle School | Middleton, ID

Photo caption:

Beautiful Changes

First Place

Photographer's Statement:

Mushrooms symbolize change and transformation which made me think about how nature changes with the seasons. As the seasons change nature changes with it. Each season has its own beauty, all the plants go into dormancy and come out of it during the different seasons and the changes are noticeable and beautiful. Seeing the seasons change makes me feel happy and peaceful.